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If you didn't make it to the 2006 reunion in October at Seville Quarter then you missed a great one!
Even the band 'The Laymen' were there playing old tunes. Great times were had by all and it was a fun gathering.
There were awards for people who looked the same and those who have been married the most times and also for who had the youngest wife! Some traveled as far as from California to be there. We'd like to see you next time.
Please keep your location information current by sending it in when you move so we can find you for the next one.
The committee is talking of having another reunion in 2011. Stay tuned!
Pictures from the 2006 reunion will be posted on this site as soon as they arrive (about mid 2007). Yeah, I know, I'm late!

We have established this site as a means to locate "lost" graduates of the Class of 1966 and to keep everyone up to date on the happenings since graduation or previous reunions.

Please send us your address and phone number so that we may keep you on the mailing list for future reunions.
We would like to hear from everyone who attended. Please fill out the information profile sheet: CLICK HERE

Those we could not find as of the last (2006) reunion:
Revised 4 Nov 2006


Anderson, Hershal Dewayne 
Antone, Earl 
Austin, Linda Jennette 

Bales Jr., Thomas Oren (Tommy) 
Ballard Jr., James Edward 
Beard, Larry Richard 
Bell, Cheryl Jean 
Blackwelder, Lois Ann 
Bledsoe, John Larkin 
Blume, Jeannie 
Boatwright Jr., Cecil 
Boone, Martha Louise 
Bradford, Catherine Ann 
Brown, Ray William 
Bunch, Donna Sue 
Burt, Tommie Joan 
Burton, William J. (Billy) 
Butler, James Richard 
Butler, Mary Jennelle 
Burgess, Rickey

Carnohan, Gregory Scott 
Casey, Dennis Marvin 
Church, Lauren  
Cobb, David Michael 
Cobb, Diane Patricia 
Conner, Betty Jane 
Copeland, Jairus Lee (Jerry) 
Cotton Rose Ann 
Cox, Billy Wayne 
Crane, Melody 
Creech, Malcolm G. 
Crosby, Susan Elizabeth 
Cruse, Homer Grad
Davis III, F.A. William (Bill) 
Davis Jr., Gerald Oscar 
Davis, Jerry Michael 
Davis, John Thomas 
Davis, Margaret Lee 
Daw, Ruth Marie  
DeShazo, Rebecca Marie 
Deusch, Janice Ann 
DuBose Jr., William M. 
Duncan, Sherron Joy 

Enderson, Patricia Ann (Pat) 

Farris, Stephen Larry 
Francisco, Marsha Christy

Gainey, Betty Cecilia 
Gentry, Raymond Eugene 
Gilmore III, Henry Percy 
Gilmore, Bonnie Lorrette 
Gore, Wayne Franklin 
Gottesman, Michael Aron 
Gourgues, James Ray 
Goza, Judith Inez 
Grant, Jerry Michael 
Graydon, John Emmett 
Green, Constance Josephine 
Greene, Richard Frank 
Gresham, Perry Wayne 
Gross, Glenda Gayle
Hall, Marsha Lynne 
Harris, Bonnie Ann 
Hallaway, Danny Lee 
Hendrix, Sheila Candice 
Hill, Mary Frances 
Hini, Ava Gene 
Hosler, Victoria Elizabeth 
Hudson, John Franklin 
Hudson, Mary Frances 
Huggins, Kathryn Ann 
Hughes, Harry 
Hunter, Rhoda Callie Boots
Jackson, Donna Jo 
Jackson, Janice Elsie 
Jackson, Wanda Joyce 
Jaeckels, Donald Davis 
Jaeckels, Jill Lynn 
Johns, Shannon Lamar 
Johnson, Betty Ann 
Joiner, Jacquelin 
Jones, William Michael 
Jourdan, Ronnie Lee 

Keller, Judith Ann 
Kelley, Patricia Ann

Lalor, Thomas Michael 
Lambert, Lanada 
Langley, Patricia Ann 
Lanton, Allan Wayne 
Latner, Patricia Ann 
Lee Jr., William L. 
Lewis, Cheryl Ann 
Lewis, Michael Andrew 
Lewis, Rebecca Jane 
Link, John Irvin 
Little, James Hugh 

Livingston, James Louis 
London, Leonard Owen 
Louie, Markus James 
Lovvorn, Linda Faith 
Lyttle, Janet Yvonne

MacNeil, James Beaton 
Maddox, Richard Lee 
Martin, Joe Hugh 
Martin, Robert Laurence 
Marts, Linda Ann 
Mason, Daniel Virgil 
Mason, Dixie Marie 
Massingill, J. Deborah 
Mattheiss, Stephen Anthony 
Mayson, Hilda Raye 
McClellan, Ronald Gerard 
McCrory, Sharon Elizabeth 
Meyer, Richard Alan 
Miller III, Allen Lane 
Mitchell, Ferne Ellen 
Mitchell, Steven Bradley 
Mitchem, Norma Kathyrn 
Moorer, Marvin 
Moses, Margaret Ann 
Murphy, Gloria Jean 
Murray, Burton Blackman 
Myers, Carol Sue 
Myers, Donna Deborah 
Myers, James Leslie 
Neville, Robert Francis 
Newsome, Madie Irene 
Nims, Patricia Jane 
Nunn, Ann Elizabeth 

Odom, Judith Lynne 

Parker, Linda Jo 
Patterson, Elizabeth Ann 
Perdue, Wanda 
Phillips, Robert Levi 
Ponton, Candace Margaret 
Porter, Opal Eugenia 

Quigley, Mary Jane 

Randall, Marcina Lorraine 
Rawls, Lynda Cecilia 
Reynolds, Irene Mary 
Richardson, Elizabeth 
Richbourg, Kirke Monroe 
Robbins, John Hadley 
Roberson, Linda Foyelle 
Roberts, James Nathan 
Robinson, Myrtle Elizabeth

Sanders, Donna Kay 
Scott, Charlotte Twynette 
Seaborn, Pamela Kay 
Semler, Mildred Rebecca 
Sheets, Robert R. (Bobby) 
Sims, Shirley Sue 
Smith, Angela Patrice 
Smith, Floy Cherry 
Smith, Harvey Lee 
Smith, Linda Jo 
Smith, Ronald Edward 
Smith, Virginia Kay 
Sneed, Charles Clifford 
Snow, Elizabeth 
Staples, Michael Ray 
Stender, Melanie Mae 
Stripling, Frederick Colin 
Sutton, Jack Denard
Terry, James DeKalb 
Thomas Glenda 
Thomas Jr., Ted Rufus 
Tinsley, John Michael 
Touchstone, Dennis Michael 
Trent, Connie Louise 
Turner, Vann Carlos 
Underwood, Lynda Carol 

Van Alst, Franklin Fordham 
Vice, Geraldene

Walker, Carolyn Victoria 
Wallace, Gloria Jeanette 
Walters, Barbara Elsie 
Ward, Alice Faye 
Ward II, James Brandon 
Ward, Marilyn Ann 
Ward, Sparkle Lynn 
Watley, Margaret Elaine 
Weed, Pamela Jean 
Wiley, Patricia Lynn 
Wilhelm, Janet Lynn 
Williams, Anthony Richard 
Williams, Michael Leon 
Williams, Stephen Roger 
Wilson, Judith Lynn 
Woodward, Carroll Lee 

Young, Jill Wallace 

If you are one of these unlocated  persons or know how to find them, please let us know by updating  the
information profile sheet above or by direct email.


The 1996 Reunion
Group photos by Dunning Co, Inc. of Theodore, Al.
The 2006 Reunion pics hopefully coming soon (as time allows!)


37 known classmates who are now deceased:

Dickie Brownson (22 March 1981)
Barrancas National Cemetery

David Chandler

Joanne Cohn

Richard DePew

Connie Dean Stokes

Stephen (Kiki) Fell

Clyde Fowler

Julia Hall

Danny Hollingsworth

Frank Mathews

Sandra Miller

Donald Odom

Pat Jernigan Overman

Jim Ragsdale

Danny H. Robinson

Maris Slavin

Kathy Smith Grant

Ricki Trummer Jernigan

John Thomas

Phil Waters

Robert Mike Palmer

Julia Ann Drexler (18 Sept 2003)

Richard Allen Davis, Jr. (21 March 2005)

John Wilson (12 June 2004)

Jim Bradburn

Marvin Moorer

Mary Hill (June 2005)

Andrea Golightly (April 2005)

Catherine Bradford (May 2004)

C. Lee Woodward
(2 November 2006)

Carolyn Willis Workman (Jan 2007)

Ferrin (Danny) Rogers (Jan 2007)

Jeannie Diane Clifford (circa 1997)

Steve (Kink) Hugh Jones (6 March 2008)

Larry Wayne Williamson
(18 September 2008)

James (Jim) C. Morrison

(1 July 2009)

Johnny Myrick
(11 December 2009)

If you know of any others, please inform us.

Also if you can fill in dates to the above please advise.
The Pensacola News Journal ( has obituaries online and archived.
Thank you and stay in touch.

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